Since 1987, Adapt-Able Design Group has created barrier-free homes for seniors and individuals with physical limitations, due to illness or life altering incidents. We specialize in home design, consulting, architectural services, project management and customized renovations. We also recommend a selection of products such as stairlifts, ceiling lifts, wheelchair lifts and home elevators. We work directly with the manufacturers to help you choose the best solution to make your home accessible. We believe that accessible homes can be beautiful homes – ones you’re comfortable living in.

Our team of in-house accessibility experts has completed thousands of custom design, installation and renovation projects. Our home modification services are fully integrated into the hospital and rehabilitation process – while many companies sell you a product, we help you find a solution.

Over the past 30 years, lawyers, insurers, case managers and therapists have referred clients to us. We are familiar with navigating the complex world of legal issues and insurance claims. We are recognized as unbiased experts in barrier-free home design for those with physical limitations.

Whether you’re seeking consultation, planning or project management, our team of accessibility experts will work directly with you or alongside your team of contractors, designers or therapists, to resolve your housing and workplace needs.

We are a one-stop, best-in-class business that assures a barrier-free design solution.

Get 30 years of barrier-free home design expertise working for you – call 416-781-3335 today.